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There are a few different reasons why we, Vibe Belts, decided to start professionally re-webbing seat belts. After working in the motor trade for many years, we've seen a lot of dangerous seat belts being used which shouldn't be, causing life threatening risks. We also see a lot of people trying to do it themselves to save costs. We 100% can not express enough how unsafe this is. A seat belt is there to keep you safe, keep you from dashing through the front window screen as the result of a crash or sudden stop. They have a life saving purpose so it is extremely important they are done right.
Leave it to the professionals!

We use 11 Panel seat belt webbing instead of the traditional 5 panel which is used in most new cars today. Our 11 Panel seat belt webbing is made from polyester, making it very durable as well as giving little stretch and being comfortable for the user, with a tight finish to the weave. The 11 panels also ensure a very high breaking strength. Polyester is also very easy to clean and look after. Simply wiping it with a cloth will maintain its appearance- an asset when going for bright coloured seat belts.

Our seat belt webbing is available in a number of different colours to complement your interior. All our seat belt webbing is intended for vehicle use only, and is therefore more expensive than "craft/fabric store" webbing and passes all codes and safety regulations required for vehicular use. Contact us for a free colour swatch!

The 11 Panel Webbing has a break strength off 26.5kN minimum and it also complies with Automotive Specification FMVS 302 with the max burn rate at 100mm/min.

We charge £30.00 per seat belt (plus delivery) to re-web in your selected colour. All you have to do is simply remove each belt and send it to us in the post. We change the webbing for you within 48 hours and send it straight back out to you.
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